New Theatrical Release written by West Michigan playwright; Max Bush – For generations, children have loved the enchanting story by the Brothers Grimm of the twelve beautiful princesses and the handsome young lad who solves the mystery of their tattered shoes.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Cast List

Sophia  -  Rebecca Prevost*,
Claus     -    Michael Kam*,
King Aldrich  -   Steve Place,
Ursula     -    Deb Schakel*  ,
Amalia   -     Anna Valente   ,           
Kathrin -  Meghan Schilthius,
Gudrun   -  Mary McHugh*,
Freda   -  Allison Hubbard ,
 Ilse -    Mia Van Erp ,
 Lenore   -  Koby Westers*,
Rickert  -   Brian Peerbolt*,
Franz  -  Brandon Ambs *,
Gunter  -   Joshua Watkin*,
Princes -   Quenton Kimble, Travon Williams,
                Josh Carter, Natalie Brown, Michael Kam*,       
                Victoria Learman*                
Ladies in Waiting     -    Victoria Learman*, Erin Burke*,
                                                       Natalie Brown*
                               *Denotes First production at Civic Theatre